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Home » Translation Offices | 7 Tips for Identifying the Appropriate Translation Office

Translation Offices | 7 Tips for Identifying the Appropriate Translation Office

Translation Offices | 7 Tips for Identifying the Appropriate Translation Office

The significance of certified translation is linked to the literary and cultural development as well as the scientific social development that is why certified translation profession is highly respected among the society. Principally, it is a creative profession and instrumental to humanity. We will learn below more about the importance of certified translation and how to choose certified translation offices in Cairo.

Translation Offices

Certified translation is the type of translation used for official papers and documents required by government agencies around the world. It must fulfill the requirements set by the country or state where the translated document will be used. So, the certified translation must be done through a certified translation office in order to be used in official procedures such as marriage, divorce, business transactions, immigration, and travel and birth registration in addition to the translation of cultural and literary documents. The importance of certified translation lies in the following:

Importance of Certified Translation

  • Communication between different peoples and scientific and economic development.
  • Familiarity with the cultures of peoples, which is reflected in the awareness and development of society culturally, scientifically and literarily.
  • Save time, effort and avoid problems which may occur due to wrong or uncertified translation of urgent documents.
  • Translation of texts, documents and papers of a legal nature to be presented to the official and governmental authorities in the target country.
  • Translation of birth certificates, marriage and divorce documents, court cases and judgments from courts, lawsuits and official study documents, as well as legal commercial transactions of international companies, official powers of attorney and others.

7 Tips for Choosing a Qualified Translation Office

Before choosing a certified translation office, first, identify your needs, and then find a certified translation office  with dedicated team of translators known of accuracy, precision and punctuality.

 You will find below the most important conditions that must be found in an accredited translation company in Cairo;

  1. Providing certified translation services such as legal, commercial and scientific translation and translation of official papers;
  2. The office should be accredited as a translation office approved by official government agencies such as the Ministry of Defense and the police;
  3. Avoid fake online translation offices that promote themselves without having a real workplace you can go to or a good reputation you can trust;
  4. Check the opinions and experiences of previous clients of the translation office you wish to deal with by searching on the Internet and in the office website.
  5. The translation office should be a subscriber on global translation platforms such as Proz and the network of global translators; and
  6. Verifying the accreditation bodies by asking the officials of the certified translation office about the licenses and accreditation bodies he mentions and make sure that they are correct yourself.
  7. Multiple branches
Best Translation Offices in Cairo

Best Translation Offices in Cairo

Alsun Translation Office is one of the best translation offices in Cairo because it has the most important 7 specifications that must be available in the certified translation offices. These 7 characteristics/ specifications help you seek the best certified translation office in Cairo to save time and effort and avoid falling into the trap of non-professional translation offices that can lead to a disaster when it comes to the certified translation;

Different Branches: It is important for the certified translation office in Cairo to have different branches distributed among various locations. It is one of the most significant advantages of translation companies, as it ensures easy access, completion and proximity to various official bodies that require certified translation papers.

Official certification: The certified translation office should publish its valid and true certificates from the concerned authorities in addition to highlighting the most required languages and types of translations such as (translation of documents and papers, medical translation, legal translation, scientific and technical translation, media and film translation).

Accuracy and professionalism: A certified translation office should maintain accuracy, speed and flexibility while dealing with clients to meet all their requests and provide them with the best service as fast as possible.

Senior team: A good translation office usually has a trained and professional team of translators with intense experience in various areas of translation.

Quality assurance: The translated text or material to be translated should be presented to the Quality Control Department before approval and submission to the client to ensure that the translation is free from errors, avoid wasting time and build mutual trust between clients and the certified translation office. 

Affordable prices: Providing competitive prices is an advantage that cannot be overlooked to complete the documents required to be translated by expert translators with high accuracy and skill. This is driven by our belief in the importance of the translated material for the client and the trust that clients place in the office.

Finally, verifying that the above features are available in any certified translation office in Cairo confirms the professionalism and experience of the translation office you are looking for, and then the correctness of your choice and ensuring that your request shall be handled accurately, skillfully and confidently.  You can find a certified translation office in Cairo to help you.

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