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Translation Companies in Egypt

Translation Companies in Egypt

If you are looking for translation companies in Egypt to translate all official documents, certified and attested translation, which are accepted by various embassies, consulates, universities, international companies and government bodies such as the Real Estate Publicity Department, courts of various degrees and attestation offices, then read the following lines about the best translation companies in Egypt and criteria by which you can classify a good translation office.

Best Translation Companies in Egypt

Translation companies in Egypt are many, but certified translation companies that employ highly experienced and professional translators are not as many!

Alsun Translation Services is considered one of the best and oldest certified translation offices in Egypt, as it provides the following criteria:

1.Tradition and Experience: Alsun Translation Services is one of the most prestigious and oldest translation companies in Egypt and the Arab world, over decades of time and in various fields of translation.

2.Numerous Branches: The diversity and multiplicity of locations of the branches of translation companies in Egypt guarantee easy access, achievement, and proximity to the various official bodies that require certified translation papers.

The branches of Al-Alsun in Egypt are:

  1. Certified translation office in Fifth Settlement.
  2. Certified translation office in Heliopolis.
  3. translation office in Nasr City.
  4. Certified translation office in Maadi.

In addition to the branches of ATS outside Egyp

  1. Certified translation office in Abu Dhabi
  2. translation office in Riyadh
  3. Certified translation office in Dubai

3.Official Accreditation: The certified translation company must have authenticated and valid accreditation certificates from the concerned authorities.

4. Experience and Proficiency in the Various Translation languages required and Types of Translations:

  • Translating documents and papers.
  • Medical translation.
  • Legal translation.
  • Scientific and technical translation.
  • Subtitles and movies.
  • Interpretation.
  • Financial translation.

5. Accuracy and Professionalism: Accuracy, speed and flexibility in dealing with customers to meet all their requests with the best service in no time.

6. Team of Translation Experts: A good translation company usually hires a trained and professional team of translators with expertise in various fields of translation. For example, you find that the legal translator has a specialized background in law.

7. Quality Assurance: The translated text or material to be translated is presented to the quality control department before it is approved and presented to the client, ensuring avoidance of mistakes or wasting time and building mutual trust between clients and the certified translation company.

8. Appropriate Prices: Providing competitive prices is an advantage that cannot be overlooked for the completion of the documents required to be translated by expert translators with accuracy and high skill, believing in the importance of the translated text for the client and the trust that client place in the company.

9. Ease of communication: Easy and fast communication does not mean only the availability of the translation company in a vital place, but also the speed of communication around the clock, as you can always communicate with the translators’ team to make notes, request services, or inquire about what you want, and the response will be done directly with flexibility and professionalism

Fifth Settlement Branch


Nasr City Branch

01097338844 – 01097338844

Maadi Branch

01067501031 – 01067501031

How can I be sure that the online Translation Company in Egypt is Good?

If you want to deal with an online translation company in Egypt, you must first make sure that the aforementioned criteria are met, and then try to deal online with the translation company.

We never recommend dealing for the first time with an online translation company that has no history, headquarters or experience in working in the field of translation. It is better to notice and ask well before sending your important documents to an unknown or not well-known online translation company.

Translation Companies in Egypt

The following conditions must be met in certified translation offices in Cairo, in particular:

  • Certified translation of all types of official and unofficial certificates and documents.
  • The presence of translators with a legal background who specialize in legal translation because of the sensitivity and importance of the same.
  • Diversity of translation languages for more than 30 languages around the world.
  • Expert translation project managers and quality auditors.
  • Accreditation from official government authorities, embassies, ministries and entities, in addition to the approval of private authorities.
  • Free sample translation to check the translation quality.

You can make sure that the translation company you are going to is credible and accurate by being certified by the various foreign embassies and recommended by them, such as Alsun Translation Services, which has a department to receive translation services online. Al-Alsun Translation Services is one of the Translation Offices Accredited by the US Embassy, the British Embassy, the Canadian Embassy and other embassies.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us for online translation services or to learn about the services of a translation company in Egypt.

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