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Your Comprehensive Guide to Trados

Your Comprehensive Guide to Trados

Your Comprehensive Guide to Trados

Trados Studio is one of the most important CAT software, with the highest sales among all other translation software, and it is the most popular choice among translators. The amazing thing about Trados is that it is not only used by translators, as it includes a wealth of innovative solutions for all translation areas and project management, designed to meet the ever-growing needs of the Language Server Protocol works. If you think you know Trados, ATS as a translation office in Egypt invites you, in this article, to discover what you didn’t know about this exceptional software, which will help you to work smarter.

About Trados Studio

  • Trados is one of the oldest companies that produced translation software. It was acquired by SDL Trados and launched in 2005 (SDL Trados 2007 Suite), then in 2009 it launched (SDL Trados Studio 2009). Form here was the launch of SDL Trados CAT software.
  • Trados is one of the largest CAT software, and it is a comprehensive translation tool that helps translators to perform their tasks through a desktop application. Trados supports more than 70 file types, and integrates with many other tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and other related tools.
  • CAT software, including Trados, helps to facilitate the translation process as it keeps the translated files in a so-called translation memory TM, to simplify the translation of future files that bear similarities to previously translated files. Trados is a working environment whose multi-task capabilities and functions assist the translator and produce consistent and highest quality translation. Trados also contributes to increasing translators’ productivity, translation accuracy, correcting errors, and achieving the highest degree of consistency in the translated text.
How does Trados Studio work?

How does Trados Studio work?

If you are a translator who is working in the field for a long time, some terms, phrases, or abbreviations may recur in front of you, and you may remember them or you may not be able to remember them and start searching for them again to translate them. But if you use Trados, you will not face this matter, simply because the software stores and saves everything you translate, then it automatically displays it back to you when you start a new project, because it remembers for you. If you are working with a team of translators on a translation project, the program helps you achieve consistency in the translated text by standardizing terminology.

The working mechanism of Trados software depends on combining the effort of the human translator with the capabilities and functions of the machine. As it keeps the previous translations produced by the translator/translators in the translation memory and re-apply them in new projects to simplify the translation process and increase the consistency of the text and productivity. The amazing thing is the possibility of integrating machine translation, adding dictionaries, and functions such as spell checking, that ultimately contributes to increasing the quality of translation. Perhaps one of the most important features is also the possibility of cloud sharing, which allows more than one translator to work on the same translation project, and the follow-up of the progress of translation by the project manager. Trados acts as a translator’s assistant, recording and saving translations, and offering you suggestions and help with the following files and projects.

Advantages of using Trados Studio

Increasing translation quality

Trados software contributes to increasing the quality of translation, by reducing errors that result from omissions, as well as ensuring that the text is free of spelling errors through spell-checking programs, which guarantees the accuracy and high quality of the translation.

ATS, a certified translation office, includes professional translators who are trained to deal with various translation programs, including Trados program, to ensure the highest quality of the translated text. For more details contact us now

Speed up the translation process

Trados software provides a very important advantage, which is reducing translation time. You will not take time to search for terms and abbreviations, to translate some phrases, or to search in old files for parts similar to your file. As Trados software provides you with translation memory and a database of terms that take over this task for you. . Trados also allows you to increase your productivity and reduce the time you spend in the translation process. With it, you will not have to search or re-type previously translated terms and phrases.

Increasing translator productivity

Trados software increases the translator’s productivity. With small or medium-sized projects, the translation memory contributes to facilitating the translator’s work, but with large projects, it increases the speed of completion. It also helps in specialized translation projects such as legal, medical translation, etc. in saving the effort of searching for abbreviations and terms.

Ease of use

Trados software has a simple user interface that makes it easy for the translator to use the software, as well as Trados can be learned through YouTube or online courses. Trados supports many different files up to more than 70 files.

Ensure the consistency of the translated text

Trados helps to ensure the consistency of the translated text even if more than one translator is working on the translation project, as it helps them standardize terminology and phrases.

Price Difference 

Trados offers many copies provided by these two companies at different prices according to the needs of the translator and translation companies.

Other functions of Trados software 

Other functions of Trados software 

There are many other functions of Trados besides the translation memory, here are some of them:

  • Counting file words: Trados software helps you to count the words of the translation file. The number of words appears at the bottom right of the screen. The program not only shows the number of translated words, but also the number of remaining words and the number of words that you have reviewed with the percentages of each. Whether you are a freelance translator or work for a company, Trados helps you easily to see what you have accomplished in all your files and what is left for you to help you manage your time successfully.
  • File division: Trados divides files into the source text and the target text in paragraphs, and places the two texts next to each other, which facilitates the work of the translator. It also helps to know what is left and what has been accomplished, as well as the translator can return to any paragraph easily.
  • File Format: Trados formats files automatically and professionally and can transfer all formats such as italics, font type, images and tables without any effort or time from the translator.

For more information about Trados software, here are 10 lectures to explain Trados Studio for beginners.

Now that we have learned in this article about the most important information about Trados software, its capabilities, and functions, you can use this wonderful program to facilitate your work as a translator and rely on it as a tool that increases productivity, speeds up the translation process, improves translation quality, and ensures ultimate accuracy

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